We’re a leader in corporate events through focused experience.

Nearly twenty years ago a veteran production engineer and an award-winning video producer teamed up to help a client with an upcoming business meeting. They bought a couple of speakers, a video projector and loaded up a trailer with gear to hit the road. As word of their capabilities spread, Rick Jamison and Rob Veerman found more demand to provide audio visual services and Events/com was born. They brought on other skilled technicians and outfitted them with 35mm slide projectors, Betacam tape decks and video projectors the size of a washing machine.


Within a few years, multiple crews were crisscrossing the country and working with top business leaders. Computers supplanted slide projectors. Videos went digital. LED replaced tungsten lighting. And music no longer came from a CD. But through all the changes in technology, Events/com continued to bring peace of mind to business leaders and event planners alike with their calm and steady professional touch.


In a virtual age, companies still realize the importance of face-to-face meetings, bringing employees or clients together. Presenters still need microphones that are crystal clear and speaker systems that don’t squeal. PowerPoint slides and videos must be sharp and played on cue. And the production staff has to be absolutely focused – engaged and invested in our clients. Events/com produces successful events week in and week out.